117 Speed Psychology

Our reactions to page delays have specific time increments: 0.1 seconds gives us the illusion of instantaneous response. 1 second keeps our flow of though seamless. 10 seconds keeps out attention, just barely. After 10 seconds, we start thinking about other things, making it harder to get back into our task when the website finally… Continue reading 117 Speed Psychology

115: The Body Language of Business

LIKE HUMAN BODY LANGUAGE, graphic design expresses similar implied non-verbal business attitudes or values. Graphic design is a method of differentiating business or products in the market. Graphic design is considered of equal value to other intangible assets like special customer offerings or an in-house mailing list or goodwill. Design builds a sense of community… Continue reading 115: The Body Language of Business



113: Designer vs Programmer

Designer vs Programmer1) Abstract / Concrete2) Concept / Detail3) Future / Present4) Originality / Conventionality5) Imagination / Factual

112: UX is not an assassin cleaner

UX satisfaction testing’s annual project cost of $1,200 can save development teams 10 times or much more if used properly. It is the speed and accessibility that is most important. Cheap/hacker results are better (even preferred) to what teams are presently being dished up –slow to no results. Meaningless philosophical drivel arrives too late to… Continue reading 112: UX is not an assassin cleaner

111: Speed UX

There are two speed metrics: 1) based on actual pageweight — you have offloaded some weight (sharing with Picassa); and 2) perceived load time (page rendering or recognition). As long as you are “perceived” as under 2 seconds you are fine. Google owns Picassa. They are using good technology to speed up the image “delivery”.… Continue reading 111: Speed UX

110: Interview with Joe Harris

Can development teams do rapid user satisfaction testing themselves?This would be called a focus group or simply emailing survey questions. You know how good those are and how long they take to assemble. They tell you what you want to hear. Teams sometimes try to do testing themselves by using in-house staff (hardly unbiased) but… Continue reading 110: Interview with Joe Harris


http://uxmovement.com/thinking/myers-briggs-personality-types-of-designers/ I am INFP (dominant) or INFJ (subordinate). I can role play ENFP (teacher) with high taxation on my energy levels. I’m well suited for the UX work. I’ve been immersing in UX and in particular “Rapid User Satisfaction Feedback” which is essential for “agile” web development (team projects). Agile project management improves web project… Continue reading 109: MBTI UX INFP

108: UX world-domination

I have yet to see a satisfaction survey site that made me want to get out my wallet or give it a try. They are usually charging by the month or by the test or by the project. And the offer is just extremely boring. None of them make me go “cool! gimmee!” Most have… Continue reading 108: UX world-domination