I am INFP (dominant) or INFJ (subordinate). I can role play ENFP (teacher) with high taxation on my energy levels. I’m well suited for the UX work.

I’ve been immersing in UX and in particular “Rapid User Satisfaction Feedback” which is essential for “agile” web development (team projects).

Agile project management improves web project ROI by 50% to 200%. This is measurable time and money. How it is measured I’ll share some time. But “good agile” is contingent on “inline” and “concurrent” user feedback which presently is very clunky and time consuming (such as interviews, surveys, and questionnaires).

I’ve developed new cloud-utility feedback methods to match UX and Agile collaboration using tablet and mobile devices (painlessness). Essentially a low-entry best practice standard. My past attention (obsession) with web speed is paying off for mobile and tablet pages which must be between 20 and 25K pageweights. Old is new again!

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