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Why Brown isn’t a Color

Pantone color 448 C – “the ugliest color in the world”

– Too much brown brings up feelings of heaviness, dullness, and lack of sophistication. Pantone 448 C is described as a “drab dark brown.” It was selected in 2012 as the color for plain tobacco and cigarette packaging in Australia. Market researchers determined it was the least attractive color. The intent is repelling potential smokers. –

Brown doesn’t exist in the color spectrum because it’s a combination of opposite colors.

In large quantities, it brown seems vast, stark, and empty, like an enormous desert devoid of life.

A rainbow is made from pure colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Brown is a mixture of colors so you don’t see it in a rainbow.

Shade of brown.

A combination of wavelengths can result in us seeing Brown, but the light itself is not Brown. A brown light source can’t exist, since brown is essentially dark orange. It’s not possible to darken an orange light to the point of brown.

Brown is the color of loneliness, sadness, and isolation – and waste.


because one has no friends or company.


something that all people experience from time to time.


the state of one who is alone.


matter discharged from the body.

“Why is poop brown?”

A 5-year-old Child.

Bile Pigments

Bile pigments give color to stuff traveling through your digestive system. They go through chemical changes and turn brown.

Brown is the least favorite color of the public; it is often associated with plainness, the rustic, feces, and poverty.

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