Creativity is the inverse of dollars.

Constraints are key for innovation.

Creativity is 70% knowing what came before you, 25% seeing the connections and patterns between them, and 5% adding something new on top.”

— Daniel Miessler

When presented with a challenge — technical constraint, limited timeline, or a missing resource — figure out a solution. Roadblocks are an opportunity for innovation.

Constraints Are Key for Innovation
Teach people to push their boundaries, both as individuals and in the context of a group dynamic. Space, time and materials to solve problems is often believed an open field is the most fertile ground for creative thinking. While people appreciate that latitude, it doesn’t always result in the best outcomes.

Imposter Syndrome is Something You Don’t Grow Out Of

Many suffer from Imposter Syndrome because they follow a non-traditional career path. That approach helps find your true calling and make you a well-rounded professional. But every time you step into a new role, you may be plagued by the feeling you are a fraud.

Imposter Syndrome is partly a by-product of personal growth. If you’re constantly challenging yourself to try something new — a new role or a new industry — especially as you gain more seniority, you will likely feel that nagging sense of self doubt. Focus on embracing discomfort and doubt as signs that you’re doing what you love most — growing.

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