115: The Body Language of Business

LIKE HUMAN BODY LANGUAGE, graphic design expresses similar implied non-verbal business attitudes or values. Graphic design is a method of differentiating business or products in the market. Graphic design is considered of equal value to other intangible assets like special customer offerings or an in-house mailing list or goodwill. Design builds a sense of community… Continue reading 115: The Body Language of Business

54: Aesthetics and Web Design

Classical Aesthetics are: good taste, pleasant, clean, clear, and symmetrical. It corresponds to “visual clarity.” Expressive Aesthetics are: creative, using special effects, original, complex, and fascinating. Users perceptions of the creativity, originality, and visual richness include ornamentation, character, and theme. Complexity without order produces confusion; order without complexity produces boredom. Classical and Expressive Aesthetics share… Continue reading 54: Aesthetics and Web Design

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