16 Mom dies. Claudia Joy Patterson Teare April 23, 2015

My name is Steve Teare. I’m the eldest of the four Teare children. In 1957, my family lived in Indiana. West Lafayette is on one side of the Wabash River. It’s home to Purdue University. My Dad was attending Purdue to get his doctorate degree in Agronomy. We lived in the university’s married-student apartments. That… Continue reading 16 Mom dies. Claudia Joy Patterson Teare April 23, 2015

15 Life after Decagon

Three years ago, in the summer of 2011, I could sense I was the subject of not-so-secret meetings at Decagon. They had a new web developers on staff. He was getting all of the toys he desired and running free reign. I suspect this is because they felt they got a $120,000 per year employee… Continue reading 15 Life after Decagon

14 Sleep Disorders Discovery

After my departure from Decagon (the first time!), it soon became apparent I had sleep disorders. They weren’t all discovered at once but here’s what we found with time:    I was not only a rapid cycler but my Circadian rhythms had been suppressed by long term use of antidepressants. This meant I slept 3… Continue reading 14 Sleep Disorders Discovery

13 Fire at the Grange

I mentioned we don’t live far from the Grange building. It’s only two houses up the street. One summer Daniel and Nathan were visiting. Daniel and Tyler were about the same age. Daniel was 13 and Tyler 12. They went down town and bought some lighters at the store. They tried to light the bridge… Continue reading 13 Fire at the Grange

12 Studio and Storage

I then wired and insulated the studio. For electricity, I just tapped into the box outside that was right next to the studio. Technically, if everything in our home was on at the same time, we probably would have blown the main breaker. But we’re duty-cycling, essentially. There was never a circumstance where that occurred.… Continue reading 12 Studio and Storage

11 Small House Alternatives

The house being so small, Terrie came up with the idea of leasing a portable storage unit. We had space with two lots. This was a good way around the city codes. Since we didn’t own the unit, it was not prohibited and required no building permits. All of our payments were applied to ownership… Continue reading 11 Small House Alternatives

10 The Remodeling

When I bought the house at 100 East Bluff Street in Palouse, Washington, my intent was to tear out many walls and open it up. I wanted it more studio-like. I wanted it to be more like my “parrot” self and chose pastel colors for the palette. The parrot totem is whimsical, brilliant, and colorful.… Continue reading 10 The Remodeling

09 Small is Relative

Many people have asked Terrie and I how we could raise so many kids in such a small space. My answer is one of relativity. It tell them how much this little area is worth in downtown Tokyo, Japan. And that there in Japan, we could never own it but only rent it at about… Continue reading 09 Small is Relative

08 Timber Money = car + house

A Utah state employee, supervising Nathan and Daniel’s case who was responsible for collecting the money, told me if I would contest the judgment, it would be reversed. I never did that. I never wanted to see Ruth Ann again. She was boiling with toxicity –an obsessed person to truly be feared. Meanwhile back in… Continue reading 08 Timber Money = car + house

07 A chapter closes

My mom had called Max Huffaker to come out and check on me in spring of 1989 at the cabin. It wasn’t long before Joe Harris and Max came looking for me –but I wasn’t there. They wanted to hire me to work at Decagon. They had just lost one of there key guys. I… Continue reading 07 A chapter closes