11 Small House Alternatives

The house being so small, Terrie came up with the idea of leasing a portable storage unit. We had space with two lots. This was a good way around the city codes. Since we didn’t own the unit, it was not prohibited and required no building permits. All of our payments were applied to ownership conversion. After a few years, no one of authority was concerned about who owned what and it’s never been questioned. Two other small sheds were added. One was the studio, a 10 x 12 foot chicken coop-style metal shed we bought for $500. Again, no permit is required for this size shed. It is the maximum allowed. I then removed the garage door and filled that with a window and a wall and a regular steel door. I also installed two other windows on another wall. The doors and windows Terrie had found as salvage from someones remodeling so we paid very little for them. She has always been good at finding these kind of bargains.

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