12 Studio and Storage

I then wired and insulated the studio. For electricity, I just tapped into the box outside that was right next to the studio. Technically, if everything in our home was on at the same time, we probably would have blown the main breaker. But we’re duty-cycling, essentially. There was never a circumstance where that occurred. Most of my energy draw was at night when everyone else was asleep. But there have been times when I wish we had more power amperage service than 200A. I installed a ceiling fan, heater and air conditioner. This was a great place to work and during my super-fatigue sleep apnea period I slept out there when I was tired (almost a year and a half.) Those were hard times. I made a platform bed with a single-size mattress. The other shed was bought by Terrie from a Church stage production of “Fiddler on the Roof.” It was part of a “set” and she bought it for $300. Her Dad came up and assembled it and put a steel roof on top. I had salvaged the galvanized steel from Max Huffaker’s chicken coop roof when they tore it down in 1989. It was good to see it finally used. It’s open to the air but keeps things dry. A haven for yellow jackets. We also added a slant roof to the house to cover an outside freezer and refrigerator on a cement slab. By now we’ve gradually exceeded the legal limit of sheds but no one has noticed or complained –so we’re okay.

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