#30: Low-light Modification

“Black body” fabric light trap. Miniature color filter collection with snoot attachment. Tabletop light diffuser “tent.” Dual-panel reflection platform. Learn more at www.pagepipe.com/photo-tips/ >

#24 PRODUCT: Packaging Concept PS Actions

Acid Bleach Photoshop Overexposure Action Aura 2 Photoshop Fringe Remover Action Bluematte Photoshop Bluescreen Action Flaw Frame Photoshop Dark Noise Repair Action Graytone Photoshop Black & White Film Action j.Screen Photoshop Noise Remover Action Kelvin Photoshop Gel Presets Action LightSource Photoshop Cast Shadow Action Photo Attic Photoshop Gothic Aging Action Plexiglass Photoshop Reflections Action Proportion… Continue reading #24 PRODUCT: Packaging Concept PS Actions

#22 PRODUCT: Luminoid brand identity

Initial experiment with naming a Linux-based digital darkroom product. First name: Site Dig. Second experiment with naming, color and type. Second name: Luminoid. Experiment with packaging sticker off-the-shelf yellow sheet label for one-color black laser output. Experimental calligraphic typography for Luminoid. Concept first logo. Concept second logo. Concept short-run production stencil packaging. Final artwork for… Continue reading #22 PRODUCT: Luminoid brand identity

#21 PRODUCT: KeyCure keyboard

KeyCure: Keyboard for visual impaired and for pro designers working in low-light studios. I built several of these for my studio. Modified with yellow stickers change a standard black USB keyboard with tiny white letters into something readable. Visit concept page >

#8 PRODUCT: StudioBoom

StudioBoom won seconds place and a $3,000 cash prize at the Spring 2007 business plan competition at Washington State University, Pullman, Washington. Learn and buy this camera stand adapter at:www.cameraboomstand.com

#7 PRODUCT: The MoodTank Co. of Palouse

A shipping palette load of junk iMacs converted into 27 virtual seawater fishtanks. 1 still remains. A happy bubbling sound with colorful, hypnotic, swimming fish. Visit the entertaining archived website for more details. >