#30: Low-light Modification

“Black body” fabric light trap. Miniature color filter collection with snoot attachment. Tabletop light diffuser “tent.” Dual-panel reflection platform. Learn more at www.pagepipe.com/photo-tips/ >

#22 PRODUCT: Luminoid brand identity

Initial experiment with naming a Linux-based digital darkroom product. First name: Site Dig. Second experiment with naming, color and type. Second name: Luminoid. Experiment with packaging sticker off-the-shelf yellow sheet label for one-color black laser output. Experimental calligraphic typography for Luminoid. Concept first logo. Concept second logo. Concept short-run production stencil packaging. Final artwork for…

#21 PRODUCT: KeyCure keyboard

KeyCure: Keyboard for visual impaired and for pro designers working in low-light studios. I built several of these for my studio. Modified with yellow stickers change a standard black USB keyboard with tiny white letters into something readable. Visit concept page >

#8 PRODUCT: StudioBoom

StudioBoom won seconds place and a $3,000 cash prize at the Spring 2007 business plan competition at Washington State University, Pullman, Washington. Learn and buy this camera stand adapter at:www.cameraboomstand.com

#7 PRODUCT: The MoodTank Co. of Palouse

A shipping palette load of junk iMacs converted into 27 virtual seawater fishtanks. 1 still remains. A happy bubbling sound with colorful, hypnotic, swimming fish. Visit the entertaining archived website for more details. >

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