Gritty fantasy novel by Steve Teare: An oppressed war world liberated from evil with magic, courage, and sacrifice.  LINK: READ IT NOW >For a limited time: BENEXUS is free in your browser.Or Amazon Kindle edition $1 > Table of contentsChapter 1 Feigned Fragility: The Lost ChildChapter 2 Curative Powers of the OrphanChapter 3 The Nursery:…


Yearning Letters by Steve TeareThree fictitious love letters from Driver –a tormented man; to Anchor, his female muse. Anchor is one of the key characters in the upcoming Teare novel Benexus: Sandwar Orphans Driver is a perpetually dissatisfied idealist. DOWNLOAD IT FREE NOW8-pages, 4-color, 8.5 x 14 inch, legal size, PDF, web or print versions.…

#3 BOOK: NAILED: A Murder Mystery

NAILED: A Murder Mystery by Steve Teare is a story about a female detective solving a multiple murder case that revolves around stolen nail polish. GET IT NOW ON AMAZON

#2 BOOK: Pearl Girl

Pearl Girl by Steve Teare is a 48-page classic fairy tale romance with photomontage illustration. Very readable with the story text set in large Century Schoolbook type. Buy Pearl Girl by Steve Teare

#1 BOOK: Jelly Belly Bear

Jelly Belly Bear The misadventures of Jelly Belly Bear 8-chapter bedtime children’s reader Jelly Belly Bearby Steve Teareat Blurb

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