project: The Animal Test

ebook cover design
Jade Rawlings

The Animal Test cover has a capricious mood.

  • eclectic
  • intricate
  • diverse
  • unexpected
  • surprise
  • quirky



The Animal Test website

Creative Brief

The cover is on a PDF download for The content is about self-interpreting the test answers after the viewer takes an online quiz.

The cover can’t show animals or environments as they bias the test. Or any symbol reminding them of things like animal habitats.

1. Product Description
The animal test is a six-question projective psychological test. It gives a symbolic snapshot of hidden traits or preferences. Developed and refined by Steve Teare over 30 years and tested on thousands of people.

The Animal Test questions invoke a consciously-formulated and socially-determined response. The respondent’s deep-seated motivations aren’t recognized or verbally expressed.

Indirect spontaneous expression of implicit motivations originates deeper than explicit questions. The tests structures an ambiguous situation to reveal conscious and unconscious needs. It reveals the self without conscious awareness or editing.


  • Reduces temptation to fake.
  • Does not depend as much on verbal abilities.
  • Taps both conscious and unconscious traits.

2. Features Differentiating The Animal Test
It’s simple and fast. It can be self-interpreted with a guide book.

3. Target Audience
BrandLODE clientele.

4. Deliverables
1 ebook covers JPEG format.

5. Details on Tone, Message, and Style
scientific, measurement, analysis

7. Typography: Designer’s choice

8. Cover text

Self-interpreting your Animal Test totems.

Exploring unconscious needs.

authors name Steve Teare

genre guidebook

basic synopsis

The guide book explains each of the 6 questions and what they represent and suggests ways to interpret the symbolism.

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