59: Web Trends 2010 – 2011

http://ezinearticles.com/?Web-Design-in-2010-2011—Analysis&id=4315617 COMMENTARY 1. The days of static design visuals are deadThis is a gross overstatement and idiotic. This author is an Utopian Idealist. Most of the technologies spoken of are still in their infancy and even when they become mature, they will not replace static images in every case. The visual noise generated would be…

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51: Website Trends

In 2009 it became easier to design your website. Businesses had the choice of do-it-yourself website builder’ tools or open source software like WordPress etc. The open source software may require some initial setup help unless the business owner is technically savvy. In 2009 ready-to-use templates also got more sophisticated in the appearance of the…

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