79: UX CLEANTECH: Non-toxic websites

Cleantech is a term used to describe products or services that improve operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or environmental pollution.

I’m pro cleantech for websites using UX tools. The goal of UX is to reduce website frustration and struggle (aka toxic graphic pollution and bandwidth waste).

Authors have written about the need for more mobile bandwidth (mobile meltdown) to avoid an approaching crisis. Speed is my pet topic. My webpages are in the 25K to 50K pageweight range. The average webpage today is 720K. It was only 340K last year. Ouch! Bloat. This is because media is “unmediated”. There are no penalties except being rude and building slow-loading bandwidth-hogging websites for anxious and unsuspecting business owners. Hit-and-run.

Google is working towards a faster web. But their motive is NOT bandwidth conservation as much as getting people in “the flow” of seamless experience to capture more advertising dollars. Flow is a trance-like state where there are no bumps to jar you.

While government increasing the “spectrum” size of “the pipe” is one solution, decreasing the amount of bits being squeezed through (regulation) is a low-cost, no-tech alternative that needs to be examined. That is my creative angle. There is no motive or award for web developers or web designers who demonstrate creative self-restraint. They are running open-loop. Time for some incentives and stimulus in the right area. Fix the source of the problem.

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