27: Respository Site continued

The Repository Splash was very fast (10K) –but boring. The sectional page was loading fast enough (23K) that the SPLASH page could be dumped and everything moved up a layer. Also the large full-screen images were modified in Photoshop to give more depth using Render > Lighting and Render > Lens Flare –two simple filters. The SPLASH page presents one of six images. Each time the visitor lands on the page, they see a different one from what they saw the last visit. This is a cookie-based Flash widget from FlashDen. But to really give good effect, the dynamic image needs to be used on a Framed Hybrid website.

While working on this project, it occurred to me the simple formula of trade show booths apply well to landing pages. For a trade show booth, you must assume you’ll receive the same attention span as a billboard at 55mph near a highway. Just a few seconds of decision making time. There are a few inexpensive details that can make a big difference. 1) color, 2) foliage, 3) lighting, and 4) legibility (1 inch for every foot reading distance.) In other words, 8 inch high letters at 8 feet. On a screen that would translate into a 2 to 3 inch high headline. (140px to 220px? That seems big, eh?) The SPLASH page seems to have these elements. What do you think?

The SECTIONS are Blogger pages, originally embedded in Frames. This made for clumsy bookmarking and so I made the pages standalone with a badge identity (home button) to tie back the look. This way visitors can enter from the blog or the website without confusion. Articles and downloads can be bookmarked, linked, or sent in emails.

The badge:

Also, the clients favicon.ico was added to each blog page and to the website for some additional continuity.

An ABOUT page was added that mimicked the blog pages design. The Blogger pages are modified and customized templates.

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