26: More experimental highspeed testing: Speed Strategy

Three layers deep: Speed Strategy
Screen resolution 1024 x 768 px minimum size shown.

1. SPLASH page: 10K (0.21 second load time with cached screen.)
There are only two string-background tiling GIFs on this page. One in each frame. Everything else is “pure” HTML.

2. Sectional INTRO page: Dynamic resizing image and text placeholder in a nested frame. Loads 23K in the bottom frame. 0.882 seconds buffered cache.

3. Embedded BLOGGER page for each section. Content updated by product managers. Shown here is placeholder content. 31K.


Pages keep opening up with lighter space as the sequence progresses (less color coverage.) Successive pages load a little slower. We start at 10K > 20K > 30K –but the “information scent” is getting stronger. The “extra” time is tolerated better by the viewer. The header in the “blog” needs to be reduced in size. It’s horsey.

The finished site will have 4 embedded Blogger pages.
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