05 ANTI-MARKETING: How slick is too slick?

A change in recent years in marketing strategies is what some call anti-marketing. Sites who’s goal is to sell —perform better when the design is “low fidelity.”

Information Overload
More and more people are becoming uninspired from traditional “over-marketing” techniques. What is found in traditional marketing often is information overload. There is too much sales pressure and choice. This leads to confusion and irritation. People are yearning more for simplicity and authenticity. Most of the world has no design training, and don’t recgnize good design.

LoBand website design strips a site of its “ornaments” and put a higher priority on functionality with a minimalistic attitude. Its success is due to the changing behavior of viewers in general. People are becoming more and more inclined for simplicity, they want their information as quickly and efficiently as possible. Oftentimes adding flair (i.e. elaborate backgrounds, fancy images, etc.) can deter readers from absorbing information because it can easily be a distraction. By focusing efforts on functionality, you maximize getting your information through to the readers.

This does not mean LoBand sites aren’t “designed.” They are. But they’re not over designed. They’re well structured, readable and fast-loading. High-gloss, pixel-perfect, grid-aligned page designs using the latest in technology don’t necessarily sell. Without a good product idea, all that work is just fluff.

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