02 Birthday Suit

I kept a journal for much of my life but discontinued after my divorce and instead wrote poetry and stories for about 3 years. When I married Terrie, I never took it back up. I suppose life became too busy and full again for pensive writing.
I’ve recognized I can’t live on Earth forever and my health is not good. So I thought it time to leave some kind of message to my children and grandchildren. There are 8 children.
Nathan, Derek, Lilli, Tyler, Daniel, Brody, Karra, and Levi.
I was born on Friday the 13th in Columbia, South Carolina in an Army hospital. My mom and dad stayed there just long enough for me to get born (weeks) and then headed out for Idaho by car. My Mom, Claudia Joy Patterson had married my Dad, Iwan Dale Teare about a year before that. Their first fight was on their wedding night. Their marriage was always bumpy at best and torment at worst. Dad was a scientist and Mom was dumb as a post. Or at least, she pretended that persona. I always thought she was brilliant at knowing exactly when to say the wrong thing to my dad at exactly the wrong time. He would go ballistic. Lots of argument and fighting. Both being emotional cripples (aka losers), they were psychologically abusive of each other and just a little warped –a true parasitic relationship. So I came by my weirdness genetically. It was August 1954, the year before the peak of the baby boom. Eisenhower was President and America was as prosperous and productive as could be.
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