01 Manxman

My father and the IRS call me, “Steven.” My name is Steven Mylrea Teare. My friends call me, “Steve.” But the title I like most is probably, “Dad” or “Grandad.”
Mylrea and Teare are Manx names from the Isle of Man. Mylrea was my Grandfather’s first name and his mothers last name. My Great-grandfather Philip Teare immigrated to the United States and homesteaded in the Idaho panhandle on a farm between Moscow and Troy Idaho. That place is on Teare Road. It’s gone now. But the Teare farm was owned by my Dad and his Sister Margret. They sold it last year (2011).
Phillip Teare died in Medical Lake Sanitarium. I suspect from exhaustion and mania. Perhaps I’ll tell more of that story later. It’s a sad one.
I’m 58 as of last August. It seems my life has been long (even too long) and full of adventure –to me anyway. Many trials and many struggles but also times of achievement, repentance, and joy.
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