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Print book cover design and ebook cover design have subtle differences. An ebook has only the front, while the print cover consists of three elements. They include the front, the back, and the spine.

No spine and no back

When you choose ebook design, you don’t have to think about typography on the spine. Moreover, you may forget about the blurb, information about the publisher, ISBN with a barcode, and price. 

They are placed in the back of the print book cover.

Cover formatting for the requirements of self-publishing platform

File format and a recommended cover size for ebooks on popular self-publishing platforms

Table on file formatting and publishing platforms

What about the cover for a print book?

There are three options:

  • 6” x 9” is the most popular size. 
  • 5” x 8” or 5.5” x 8.5”, or so-called trade paperback size, is preferable for novelists mainly because a reader can carry around the books of this size. 
  • 8” x 10” is another size used for nonfiction or manuals. 

Keep in mind the format of your text available for the chosen marketplace: 

  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – MOBI
  • Apple Books – EPUB, PDF
  • Kobo – EPUB, MOBI
  • Barnes and Noble – EPUB
  • Google Play – EPUB, PDF

Should I have a different print and ebook cover?

It’s better to create a single design for both versions with a high resolution and then make it fit the required formats – print or electronic.  

Title typography tips for ebook cover design 

Typography is the first thing, which draws the customer’s attention. So, the main thing is to make sure it’s readable despite the size. Mind the quality of thumbnail and make sure that reduced size of an ebook cover won’t affect the value. Would you pay attention to the blurred title of a thumbnail cover? 

The choice of fonts impacts the overall impression. Fiction typography differs from nonfiction and helps you communicate with your audience.

  • Trajan font has a classical feel and can be used for non-fiction and fiction ebook covers.
  • Aphrodite is a beautiful script font you can use for romance. 
  • Century Gothic is a geometric-like typeface, which fits mystery and thriller book covers.
  • Arboria has grotesque features and may be applied to fantasy typography design. 

When the title is long, it’s better to single out the keywords that convey the concept of your writing. It boosts curiosity, and readers can notice the title among other thumbnails. 

50 magical secrets

The apt title hints at the events in the book. Together with the proper images, it boosts readers’ curiosity and urges them to select exactly yours. 

Red Tea

Ebook cover imagery tips 

  • Images should be well-recognizable in thumbnails. 
  • It looks better when you use one vivid image instead of a combination of various scenes. 
  • Try to select an object or a character, or combine them, to interest your reader and hint at the plot. 

Apply a color scheme to make an ebook cover distinguishable. Each genre has a palette that expresses certain feelings and appeals to particular emotions. 

  • Dark hues are a perfect choice for crime, fantasy, and thriller. They increase mystery and anticipation. 
  • Light tints fit romance because they create an atmosphere of admiration and affection. 

When we think about nonfiction, all colors are appropriate here. Though if your writing is about productivity, yellow and orange should be used. When it goes about the development of business, you can apply black or navy blue.

Age of Victoria

Eventually, making a bright accent in the design of your ebook cover will help the audience notice you.

Ebook branding tips

Ebook cover design is a part of your branding strategy. Choose colors and elements that personalize your writing. It’s especially important when you publish a series.

  • The concept of every book should be the same. Though they may differ in colors and images, the font is the same as on the series of covers presented below. 
Simon Haynes' series
  • It’s significant to accompany ebook covers with the concept of your work. Try to disclose the part of the message you want to be heard. Keep intrigue but become recognizable for your audience. 
Winter King series

Help readers notice your books among other authors, using a distinguishable feature, such as characters, objects, fonts, colors that convey the overall mood of your manuscript.  

Fivver or crowdsourcing platforms

Average pricing:  $5-150.  

Book cover design company

Average pricing:  $150-500. 

Premade covers

Premade book covers have been previously designed.  

Average pricing:  $40-80, but the whole range is $15-200.  

Book cover creators

  • Canva is a graphic-design tool where you can get advice and instruction on how to create your book cover. The service provides fonts, images, etc.
  • Adobe Spark is another platform to design an ebook cover. It has a wide range of tools and devices for creating an outstanding visual impression. 
  • Visme provides plenty of options to design background and choose suitable fonts. Useful tips make the process easier for users. 
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