Project: Corazon

cover design
Jade Rawlings

The Corazon cover has a happy mood. The dominant color is a lemon yellow. Subordinate color is a dark purple. And the accent is green.

  • Zest
  • Energetic
  • Active

The Corazon collection is over 300 email correspondences between Cora Lynne Miskin & Steve Teare.

July 2019 to March 2021.

Creative Brief

1. Product Description
6×9″ Blurb tradebook with color glossy cover. Memoirs of a 66-year-old INFJ Grandfather and his 14-year-old INFJ grandaughter (Grandad & Cora).

2. Differentiating Features

Private Collection – not for sale.

3. Target Audience
Unknown strange people.

4. Deliverables
1@ 6×9 cover PNG or JPEG format. CMYK. 300dpi.

5. Details on Tone, Message, and Style
Upbeat, energetic, alive.

Corazon is a Spanish word meaning: the heart. courage; spirit. love; affection; compassion or sympathy. (often used in direct address as a term of endearment) beloved.

7. Typography: Designer’s choice

8. Cover Text


subtitle heart & soul memoirs

authors name Miskin & Teare

co-author: Cora Lynne Miskin
descriptive words: fresh, faith, pure, shining, the heart, imaginative, unusual, unconventional, mysterious, artistic, charming, genuine, fragile, creative, wise, young, beautiful, and eccentric.

co-author: Steve Teare
descriptive words: unconventional, nonconformist, powerful, wise, creative, imaginative, prolific, eccentric, strange, age, wisdom, and guidance.

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