#69 Rude client techniques

We all have different styles. Yesterday, a potential client come over to discuss what she “needed” for a website. She was very bossy, couldn’t careless about my ideas, and kept steamrollering me when I tried to speak. Eventually, I recommended using CMS and put her onto a website called Virb.com. She asked me if I’d do the CMS for her because she didn’t have the time. I said, “No.” She said, “Why not?” I replied, “It’s against my religion.”

I recently had another woman come for some business advice. When she heard me talking computerese, she asked if I could fix her computer. I asked, “What operating system are you using?” She said she didn’t know. So we checked and it was a bootleg copy of Microsoft Windows. I told her, “I can’t help you.” She looked at me and asked, “Why?” I told her. “I’m too extremely prejudiced to work with that particular system.” She said, “Oh.” and didn’t ask any more about computer favors.

Now you know I’ve offered several times to help people. What do you think the difference is between them and these two women? Can you see it? I won’t make you wait for the answer.

Some are givers and others are takers. Big difference. If you’ve willingly helped me, it’s easy to be loyal to you.

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