45: Speed up your website and increase conversions


Speed up your website and increase conversions: quotation
“Something I have been thinking a lot about lately is website speed. The load times for one of my largest clients, OverstockDrugstore, were getting worse by the day. It was due to an increased amount of traffic coming to a website that wasn’t properly tuned. After taking a very aggressive approach to decrease load times, conversions (sales) increased by 1-1.5% on days following. It blew my mind (and others at the company) that load times would have a direct impact on conversions.”

“If you think about it. it makes sense. 75% of their website visitors are new. So, they are visiting and experiencing the website for the first time. Also, many of them are coming from price engines. Most likely when they do a search on an engine, they go down the list clicking on each link. If the page loads slower than the other sites, they may either loose confidence or at least get a little impatient, which would cause them to choose someone else.”

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