#34 Theming with Color Psychology

Here is information on the reverse thematic process, let’s assume you’ll use Photoshop and do your Pantone conversions there to save time:

1. Run the image through an online image-to-palette converter.

2. Convert the colors to Pantone.

3. Choose a theme using the reverse lookup tool. In this case, I chose Serene. Normally, with so many “blues,” we’d just say it’s a cool theme and leave it at that. But we can do better even though three colors landed in the “cool” theme. We can shake it up a bit.

4. We then look up the two “Serene” colors – indicated in red – and find their textbook companions.

5. Then we test the color hierarchy with the image. Notice the two new colors in each layout are not inherent in the photo – nor are they simple harmonics or color math. They were chosen by a color expert (not me) and made into a database (by me). They are “psychological” combinations. In other words, based on feelings and memories.

I can now tell Mister Blueberry vendor that for his “Brand Manual” the official theme is “Serene.” There are many more color combinations that will work to create a serene theme – and still work with blueberries. I have only demonstrated two.





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