32: HTML Frames Strength– PRESENTATION

Molly Holzschlag’s book titled “250 HTML and Web Design Secrets.” She said: page 265 “Part of the problems with Frames is they go against the premise of markup –there job is presentational.”  (Used $0.30 on Amazon. Save your money!)


While she was explaining why to “never use frames”, she inadvertently also explained one of Frames great values –as a presentation tool.


For many years, http://www.secondstory.com/ used Frames on their website. Note: I do not like the information density (aka cramming) on their new site. After 15 years, they finally  switched to more of a Flash-XML solution –very heavy on transparency effects –and dropped HTML Frames entirely. So it is now very slow loading. Bloat! They have sophisticated programmers now to babysit their code –and bells and whistles. Fixed overhead (payroll) is required. My point being, for storytellers, Frames provide a lot of possibilities for visual and textual materials coexisting on the screen. And simply. No high powered technical people necessary. This thought frightens web people!

HTML Frames provide a “shell” for framing offsite additions / utilities. Visitors never feel they’ve left the site. Very cozy. This is “transparency and comfort.”

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