18: VALUE ANALYSIS: Why lean websites matter.

Value analysis is a principle used to improve industrial process but it can be applied to many aspects of creativity and innovation. The components are: combination, simplification, elimination, standardization, and substitution. These principles are also used in optimizing lean manufacturing.

Is there really such a thing as lean websites?
While “lean” websites is an ideal, generally “manufacturing” and “web engineering” don’t quite fit the same model. It’s been tried. Manufacturing has inventory and delivery of materials. Uh? Where is that in websites? LoBand website philosophy is about as close as you can get to this ideal of streamlining web construction.

Does LoBand web make a difference?
It depends upon what your goals are. What kind of resources do you have: time, budget, energy, space, speed, etc. Nothing is faster than LoBand. Nothing is simpler. There are simple “canned” alternatives like templates and blogs, but nothing for custom work with branding and theming.

Zag: The Number One Strategy of High-Performance BrandsBranding requires originality.
Branding is more than a logo. It is something beyond your control. It’s the perception in your customers mind. They OWN your brand. How visitors feel when they land on your website is part of the branding experience. It is something you can’t buy in a can or a template.
Learn more from this slide show by Marty Neumeier what branding really is.
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