100: Keep testing quick, simple, and frequent.

Agile development is feedback driven.

Here are some ways salesforce.com facilitates testing:

  • The company uses simple screen-sharing software (GoToMeeting) to share prototypes electronically. Testers pass control of mouse and keyboard to their users to watch them work.
  • A simple conference call lets a facilitator talk to users and lets the user explain likes, dislikes, and areas of confusion.
  • The company sometimes uses TechSmith’s Morae to record the screens and audio as users interact with the software.
  • A projector displays the user’s interactions with the product in a large format so that all the product team members can easily observe them.

A typical weekly testing cycle has salesforce.com designers testing Monday, fixing Tuesday, testing Wednesday, fixing Thursday, and then testing again Friday. By the
end of the week, things are getting pretty good. User-experience people, product man­agers, developers, and others sit in on the call and watch the screen.

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