05 Sweet Spot

Much of my life has been devoted on how to find shortcuts, workarounds, solve unsolvable puzzles, and basically “cheat” my way ahead of the herd. Like keeping costs low without looking cheap –a fine line to walk. Smart people always feel they are cheating since they don’t do things the conventional way, therefore, it must be “cheating.” A mental trap. What seems obvious to the gifted is unnoticed by the ordinary. “Heightened awareness of possibilities” might be a better label.
Improvisation is an important part of my “cheating” process. You must do things differently and actually analyze what is the minimum necessary and what is not useful at all. Where is the “sweet spot?” What is the risk? “Stop doing a thing” is sometimes more important than doing the wrong thing over and over. I hate waste. 
Yet, I’ve been wasteful at times chasing manic butterflies. Lots of remorse about these failed experiments. Such is life. Fortunately, most people have forgiven me or forgotten the failure because I’m successful and grow more than I’ve lost. And, I don’t preach failure as a good path. I change instead. This I think would be a form of wisdom. Learning from stupidity, I stay ahead of the game. But losses haunt me frequently. I fear losses. And when they happen, I personally torture myself for them more than anyone. Shall I blame my parents? No. I’m a grown man. This is obviously something I choose to do for some inbred compulsive reason: the drive to create.
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