test 2 – “1” Nicole young Aussie woman

HOW DO BOYS THINK? September 10, 2017Because you’re beautiful, you make *natural* boys feel weak. They hate feeling weak. So, they hate your body. (Really. Lust is a form of hate). Because you’re intelligent, you make *natural* boys feel mental inferiority. They hate feeling inferior. So, they hate your mind. (So you dumb down). You may think you’ll be forever lonely. You’re an amazing person. Many men qualify to be worthy of you. They’re as rare a gem as you are. One in a thousand.Don’t give up waiting and watching with patience. The boy who’ll most make you happy isn’t a mirror image of you or how you think. He’s different. Your differences will make him fascinating to you for a million years. Your common inner values will bind you together through life’s hardest times. Thanks for making me think by asking a deep question. You are good.

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