test 1 – #2 Tough Aussie Russel

HOW DO BOYS THINK? September 10, 2017Boys don’t like to feel weak or vulnerable. They assume the myth of strength is true: that might is right. They think mental and physical prowess bring a *man* the things of this world: power, wealth, fame. This is the scriptural “arm of flesh.” It’s a false god. There’s no real power in it.Most boys worship this false god. Big stereos, big cars, big guns, big mouths, big egos. Boys are fragile.Vulnerability is OK – with the right people. Vulnerability and meekness are great traits of Jesus Christ.You’ve discovered a fantastic power over men and boys. You turn their heads. You can control boys with mere gestures and glances. God gave you this wonderful power to see if you’d use it with wisdom. Don’t toy with it (too much). Your power makes boys feel weak and powerless. You make them uncomfortable. It’s a natural addiction or attraction boys have for you. The keyword is natural. So tainted and blessed are all boys. They develop the “supernatural” or spiritual man. The natural man is an enemy to God.Some future day the power will be gone. You will mourn it’s loss. But you don’t need to fear it. Why?A priesthood man looks into your heart. By the discerning of spirits, he sees your real eternal worth. He knows with time your young body will wither. He knows with age your sharp mind will grow feeble. He believes in your eternal potential. He imagines you restored at a future time. He’s in love with the hope of a future goddess.Because you’re beautiful, you make *natural* boys feel weak. They hate feeling weak. So, they hate your body. (Really. Lust is a form of hate). Because you’re intelligent, you make *natural* boys feel mental inferiority. They hate feeling inferior. So, they hate your mind. (So you dumb down). You may think you’ll be forever lonely. You’re an amazing person. Many men qualify to be worthy of you. They’re as rare a gem as you are. One in a thousand.Don’t give up waiting and watching with patience. The boy who’ll most make you happy isn’t a mirror image of you or how you think. He’s different. Your differences will make him fascinating to you for a million years. Your common inner values will bind you together through life’s hardest times. Thanks for making me think by asking a deep question. You are good.

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