“I am going to count from ten to one, and as I am counting, I want you to
concentrate on becoming more comfortable and more relaxed. If at any
moment, you feel like coughing, laughing, passing gas, scratching or moving
in any way so that you are more comfortable than you currently are, do it.
As in life, if something is bothering you, fix it, and it will immediately
go away and stop bothering you.

“For a moment here, I want you to move all your toes, then move your
ankles, then flex your legs at your knees, and then your legs at your hips.
Take a deep breath and then exhale fully.  Now move and rotate your neck.
Roll your eyes.  Smile.  Now move and rotate your arms at your shoulders.
Now move at the elbows.  Now at move and rotate at your wrists.  Now move
all your fingers.

“Good.  By moving these muscles, your body applied electrical energy which
cause the muscles to tension.  This gives you something you can feel, and
now, as you are here, you are feeling these muscles relax … feeling that
electrical energy lessening from the muscles.  This relaxation feels really

“Let us begin.  If your eyes are not already closed, please close them

“Ten, just concentrate on relaxing your feet. Let all the muscles in your
feet feel really comfortable. You are letting them be comfortable.  Let all
the muscles in your toes feel very loose and limp; very relaxed. You can
only hear my voice.  And this wonderful wave of relaxing pleasure runs all
the way down your ankles, past your heels, all the way down to your toes.
Very relaxed and very comfortable.

“Nine, now just relax your leg muscles, knees, thighs, and shins. Don’t
worry about your feet. Just let all of the muscles in your legs get very
loose and limp; very comfortable and very, very relaxed. Very relaxed. Let
your thigh muscles relax. Let all the muscles in your shins get very loose.
And this wonderful wave of relaxing pleasure runs down your legs, past your
knees, past your ankles, all the way down to your toes. Very relaxed, and
very, very comfortable.

“At eight, relax your neck, back, chest and stomach muscles. Take a really
deep breath … and as you exhale, feel how your body naturally relaxes. It’s
a good feeling. Let all the muscles in your neck feel really loose.  You
can only hear my voice. Let your stomach muscles feel very, very relaxed.
And this wonderful wave of relaxing pleasure splashes onto your neck, then
runs down your back, past your chest, past your waist, past your knees,
past your ankles, all the way down to your toes. Very relaxed, and very,
very comfortable.

“Seven. Now relax your arms, hands, and all your fingers. Let all the
muscles in your fingers relax.  If something is bothering you, fix it and
become more comfortable.  Let all the muscles in your arms feel really
comfortable. And this wonderful wave of relaxing pleasure comes in from
your fingertips, pushing all of the stress and fatigue out of your body. It
feels so good. It comes up your arms, splashing on your neck, running down
your back, down your legs, all the way down to your toes. Very relaxed and
very, very comfortable.

“Six. You might feel like you are awake, like you are not hypnotized, but,
for some reason, you are very relaxed. If you feel this, this is what
hypnosis actually feels like.  It’s normal.  Don’t worry about it.  You
might feel like millions of cotton balls gently pressing down all over. If
you feel this, this is gravity.  Don’t worry about it.  I want you to
imagine that you’re floating down on a cloud. The farther down you float,
the more relaxed you get. The more relaxed you get, the better you feel,
and the better you feel causes you to float down even more. Always getting
more relaxed. Always feeling better.  Always floating farther and farther

“Five. Your feet and your legs feel great, just the way they are. Take a
really deep breath.  And you find that you can only hear my voice.

“Four. As you exhale, relax. Your neck, back, chest, and stomach muscles
feel really good, just the way they are. Your arms, hands and your fingers
feel just fine, just the way they are.

“Three. And you are floating even farther down, always more relaxed. The
more relaxed you get, the better you feel, and now you are feeling really

“Two. And you will remember everything you choose to remember. To forget
means you know something and then have to black the thought out. On the
other hand, it is so easy to not remember some things, like losing your
keys. We will try to remember things you have had to forget, and if need
be, make them so that you just don’t remember them. Take a deep
breath … and relax …


“Now, in your mind’s eye, I want you to find yourself in a most vividly
imagined place.  This is an exercise in imagination, and the more details
you allow yourself to see, the deeper you will get into a subconscious
state.  I want you to find yourself in the middle of a safe and wide open
field.  This is more a valley.  There are trees on the hills around it.
There’s a stream that’s a safe distance away with a bridge.  There’s a
house in the distance.  I want you to look around and tell me about
everything you see, and as you do so, allow your imagination to add
infinite details, so as to make this more real … so much more real than
reality. ”

“Look at the stream.  What do you see?”
“You have a cup with you.  What does the water taste like?”
“There’s someone you recognize coming out of the house.  Who is it?”
“You enter the house and smell something cooking in the Kitchen.  What is

“As you go out the back door of the place, you find yourself in a room with
white walls, florescent lighting, a white vinyl floor, and in the middle of
the room, a garbage can with a hinged, though tight fitting, lid.  As you
lift the lid and look inside, you see it’s absolutely clean.  Looking to
the wall, you see a friendly looking red button, much like you would find
on an arcade video game, and as you press it, you hear a light squeak from
inside the garbage can.

“As you now look inside the can, you see that there is an electric elevator
lift inside it.  You climb in and press the down button, and it takes you
to a well lit concrete basement room.  It’s clean and huge, going on for
many hundred feet in all directions.  This is the place where you will now
move each and every memory that bothers you.  By moving any memory here,
you will have the ability to retrieve it at any time, but until you need
it, you will find that you will effortlessly not remember anything you
place here, and so, by not remembering it, you will have control over the
memory … and it will never affect you in any way ever again.

“Take the lift back up and climb out of the can.

In your mind, you find yourself relaxing in a most comfortable chair and
watching a TV show about your life.  Notice, as you are sitting here, there
is a remote control in your hand, and on this remote you will notice a big
red button, similar to the one on the wall.  This button, upon pushing it,
will allow you to take the memory that you are seeing on the television
screen and placing it, by your choice, into the garbage can as a memory
that you do not want to remember.

By going back in your life’s memory, find yourself  watching the point of
where, in your life, this was the first time where something happened to
you, in your life, that you disliked the memory enough to try to black it
out, that you wish had never happened to you, and you have done everything
that you can to forget it.  So, as you press and hold down the red button,
the tape backs up a bit and you find yourself at the beginning of this
experience.  For this moment, we will call this, “The Beginning.”  Using
your current age in life state of mind (CAILSOM), review what happened in
this experience without actually reliving the experience, so as to analyze
exactly why you wanted to black it out.  Now, using your wisdom, I want you
now to see if you can come up with a different way to deal with this
situation, starting at “The Beginning,” so that you stop forgetting the
memory, and, instead, move the original memory into the garbage can, while
replacing it with this new, revised way to handle this memory.

As you release the red button, the garbage can, which is an automated
system, places this memory into it.  Immediately after you release the
button, you find that you are released from the memory.   The original
world of this memory will forever be lifted off your shoulders. For a
moment, give yourself forgiveness for having held this memory against
yourself for so long, and if you need to, cry, but instantly feel courage
to push the fast forward button, which will take you now to the next such
memory that you have tried to forget or wish had never happened to you, so
you can tackle next memory … and the next and next … in this manner, until
you reach that point in time where we are now at this age, at your age,
that age you were when we began this session.    This will happen faster
and faster until all you have to do is press and release the red button.
Raise your left hand when you’re done.”

“Lower your left hand. Okay, now, on your remote, I want you to push the
rewind button, which takes you instantly to the beginning of your life
memory, and now, I want to introduce you to the blue button.  This time
through your entire life memory, press and release the fast forward button.
It will automatically stop at each time in your memory wherein you felt
guilt or fear.  Guilt is typically someone else’s value structure that is
superimposed over your own.  Fear is often a reactive state.  So, by using
blue button, your mind will automatically invent a proactive way to deal
with the memories of these situations using your CAILSOM.  What you will do
is press and hold the blue button when you come to a memory wherein you
ever felt guilt or fear. As you analyze the TV’s story of what happened to
cause you to feel guilt or fear, and, then, the tape will go back to the
beginning of  this current blue button experience and, this time, using
your CAILSOM, you will create an alternative decision on how you would,
right here and right now, deal with this situation, so as to conclude
without feeling either guilt or fear, and instead enact the choice of
having learned something, and subsequently, forever more, to turn off the
guilt and fear.  This is your life … you are in total control.  So, as you
release the blue button, your mind will automatically place that guilt-
inducing or fear-inducing memory into the garbage can and replace this
newly revised version into your life memory.  This will happen faster and
faster until all you have to do is press and release the blue button.
Raise your right hand when you’re done.”

“Lower your right hand.  Okay, now I want you to go back to the first time
something wonderful happened to you.  I want you to relive this memory as
if it is happening to you right now.  When that memory is through, go to
the next and next, so you refresh and relive your entire, wonderful life.
Wave your left hand when you’re done.”

“You can stop waving your left hand.  Now that you have taken control over
your life memory, let your self-esteem increase.  You’re worth it.  You
have nothing from which to fear anymore.  Those memories which controlled
you … are now controlled by you.  They are safely away.  Build your self-
esteem and self-love.  Forgive yourself for any self-deflating fear or
emotions you have had.  You don’t need them anymore.  You’re stronger than

From now on, if anyone ever says anything or does anything to hurt you, the
very instant you realize they are intentionally doing so is the instant you
realize that they are not that important at this moment.  Be careful with
this.  Learn what you choose to learn from the experience, if you believe
the criticism to be constructive, and immediately adapt whatever lessons
you feel the need to act upon, but if the person is being hyper-critical or
abusive, you will notice that suddenly everything else in the room is far
more important and so you hear everything except whatever is being said by
this person.  However, in all cases, you are responsible for your own
actions, so be wary of your choices.

“Through this process, you have set up a series of mental machines, or, if
you will, computer programs for your mind, that you have used to process
information which you have stored.  You will find that they will serve you
now for the rest of your life, just as you have used them today, so that
instead of having a reactive existence, you will have a proactive
existence, and your life will go along more smoothly, for you will be able
to digest any situation at your leisure, that no one can ever bother you,
and you will no longer be giving up control in any way.  You have total
control, but at your leisure.

There is one last routine you need to run.  Once again, I want you to
imagine a TV screen with the face of the person about whom you have the
strongest hate memories.  In your hand is a remote control, and on the
remote is a friendly looking green button that reads “Clear all.”  When you
press and hold the button, all feelings you have for this person are
forever removed so that you have no feelings for this person at all as well
as no memories of this person, ever.  No positive emotions, no negative
emotions, no feelings whatsoever.  It’s not that you’re numb, its just
that, through their own action, they must be returned to that group of
people whom you don’t know and don’t want to know.  As soon as you release
the green button, that face disappears and is replaced with the next person
for whom you have either only hate or both love and hate feelings.  As you
look in their eyes and see them, then press and release the green button.
Automatically, you will eliminate them from your life, from all memories,
ever.  Wave your right hand when you are done.

You can stop waving your right hand.  From now on, if you meet any of these
people, you will treat them as if you are meeting someone new, and though
you will have this flag to remind you that you don’t want to know this
person, at least you’re in control over yourself and they will have no
emotional impact on you whatsoever, for they have earned the distinction of
being unworthy of your love, of your life, and of your memories.

“From now on, let yourself enjoy life, one moment at a time.  Take time to
look at the clouds and let your imagination go.  Be a kid again, and let
your heart be free.  This being a grown up concept is for the birds.  You
can be mature without being ancient.  Live a little … heck, live a lot.  At
any time that you want, squeeze your fist for a moment and turn up your
happiness.  You’re in such control, you don’t even need to squeeze your
fist … just do it.  Your emotions are at your control … not the other way

“Through this process, you have spent time reorganizing the way you process
information.  It will come to you, as it always has, but now you can relax,
identify it, digest it, process it, and live it.  You’re safer for you
will, by your own will, be a new person, not because someone told you to
be, but because you read through the script, you edited it to your wants
and desires, you found someone you trusted to help you do the session, or
made this tape, if this is an audio tape of your own making, and you know
that this is what you want.  You are in control of the best part of you.

“I want you to set a key word.  This word can only be used by you,
internally.  The only way this word can work is for you to take a deep
breath … then take a couple normal breaths … and when you choose to take a
second deep breath, you say this word as you exhale.  As you say this word,
to yourself, you will immediately close your eyes and slip down into a
deep, relaxing sleep, all the way to as far down as you are currently rested … or
even further.  Every time you do this form of self-relaxation … self-hypnosis … meditation … or whatever word makes you feel better … you find
that you can go even deeper than you did the last time.

“No one can ever speak this word to you and have any effect upon you.  Let
us set this word now … and the word is ‘Soma.’ ”

I am relaxed.

“Okay, now I am going to count from five to one.  When I get to one, you
will totally awaken from this place, this state of mind, and you will feel
energized, you will feel love, you will feel great joy and happiness, and
it’s all because you simply want to feel that way.

“Five … four … three … two … one … wake up … “