85: Impact websafe font.

h1{color: #333333; font-size:280%; line-height:100%;font-family:Impact,
Haettenscheweller, “Arial Narrow Bold”, Charcoal,

I suppose the spacing would be better specified as an “em” space instead of pixels –per responsive design specs for mobile. And, of course, the size needs to be adjusted to the whitespace. If the line height is NOT specified the fat words wrap on top of each other (fluid) –brokenness (when and if there are more words).

“Haettenscheweller” is a freeware font lookalike to Impact (a Microsoft Office bundled font). Apparently, it’s popular enough to include –but don’t ask me to ever spell it! Copy and paste only.

Impact is available on 99% of IE, 92% Mac, and 64% Linux operating systems –but not on iOS. You might test and see what happens there. I noticed it rendered fine on your tablet.

Impact should never be bolded or italicized. It makes it unreadable and is only useful as a “naked” headline font –never body text. Kerning (letter-spacing) must almost always be tweaked either tighter or wider.

Because Impact is an underutilized “websafe” display font, I use it in branding for print and web. I consider it a “core” design font for fast sites. Impact is a bold (strong), grotesque-style, condensed font created for metal plate in 1965. It has upper and lowercase characters.

As you can see, I’m a typography freak, too. :)

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