Gritty fantasy novel by Steve Teare: An oppressed war world liberated from evil with magic, courage, and sacrifice. 

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Table of contents
Chapter 1 Feigned Fragility: The Lost Child
Chapter 2 Curative Powers of the Orphan
Chapter 3 The Nursery: Sanctuary and Hell
Chapter 4 The SCARAB: Destroy to Create
Chapter 5 Metamorphosis: Natural Progression
Chapter 6 Intimacy Addiction: More is Never Enough
Chapter 7 Romantic Love: The Fear of Commitment?
Chapter 8 Immortality: Suffering or Rebirth?
Chapter 9 Changing of the Guard: Who’s in Charge?
Chapter 10 Logic Kills Magic
Chapter 11 Murdering Our Parents: Growing Up
Chapter 12 The Dream of Benexus: Cloning
Chapter 13 Offer of Betrayal: Living a Lie for Love
Chapter 14 The Quest: Liberating the Captive
Chapter 15 Manipulation of Opposites: Hidden Agendas
Chapter 16 Parasitic Sustenance: Living Off Others
Chapter 17 Sacrifice of the Feminine: Battle Twisted
Chapter 18 The Black Dog: Chronically Broken
Chapter 19 Gifting Away Idealism and Dreams: Vulnerability
Chapter 20 Idealism Dies Betrayed
Chapter 21 The Loss of Balance, Wisdom, and Charisma
Chapter 22 Giving Instead of Gathering
Chapter 23 The Dragoness Confronted: Liberation
Chapter 24 Morgan the Self Dominator Manifest
Chapter 25 No Blood Satisfies the Devouring Mother
Chapter 26 Rivalry: Envy and Desire
Chapter 27 Death of Addiction and Bondage
Chapter 28 Luck: Preparation Meeting Opportunity
Chapter 29 Greed: How Much is Enough?
Chapter 30 Deception of Power Possession
Chapter 31 One More Kiss: Reunion
Chapter 32 Be My Equal, Not My Slave
Chapter 33 Dissolution and Banishment of Poisons
Conclusion: Restoration of Balance and Wisdom: Serve Not Self
After word: Liberation Means Change

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