107: Agile-wannabees

Agile is good but too tightly focused.
“Team development” is really the positioning. Agile is a team project management method but most teams fail at Agile or just pay it lip service. It is an ideal. It is hot but in the real world only a small portion are disciplined and motivated enough to make it really work.

We have services for agile and agile-wannabees.
Agile is still a keyword for SEO but it’s too esoteric for marketing managers to comprehend. Marketing guys are on the team. In fact, they sign the checks. We need to appeal to agile programmers but marketing managers are the ones who put the guns to their heads and want evidence and proof.

We are doing industrial committee selling.
I’ve been doing that forever and ever. It’s my forte. Agile programmers sit on the committee. They have the luxury of being the influencer but not necessarily the buyer. The programmer is the guide who takes the marketing guy to our website and says, “See. We need ScreenZest.”

Go viral via programmers.
We need programmers endorsements but they aren’t the authorizer or purchaser. Buying our service is not a one-person decision with a credit card. The committee has to be all onboard and unanimous to using our process.

The fundamental difference here is we don’t sell “user satisfaction feedback”. That’s what “it is” (the tangible) but not what they want “to buy” necessarily (the intangible). We sell development teams faster communications about agile satisfaction. Well. That’s closer anyway.

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